Helen Alker - Artist / Illustrator 

Creating and telling stories through my passion for sketching, colour, pastels and paint have been in my every thought since a young girl growing up in a broken down old house full of nine siblings with their forever growing characters. Also capturing the sprit of this country, it’s decaying old trucks, emus on the plains and my impressions of the animals and the people of the land, on canvas for many happy customers. This has directed my art towards Children’s Illustration for books. An interest that has weaved it’s way into my family and creative life of 40 plus years.

My Past Paintings

These painting have been painted over the last few years. They were selected to show the diverse range with subjects of children. I have 25 nieces and nephews and take part in so many different activities.

Teddybear Picnic

Arcylic painitng - Sold

Fun in the Sun

Arcylic painting - Donated to RPA Hospital

Beach A Day

Acrylic Painting - Sold

Wet Street

Acrylic Painting - sold to the lady in the red car

Catch Me If You Can

Acrylic Painting - CHOSEN for the 2010 Cricket Art Prize

Happy Birthday

My 50th birthday invite Painting - Sold

Following is my latest work

The following work is of my foster kittens. I learnt to draw on my iPad with the iPencil in an app called Procreate. A wonder fun subject and great cause. I also heard many stories of other people's cat and kittens as the drawings alway provoke a smile followed by a story.

Corporate Handbag

I have had a lovely time looking after foster kittens. The funny little things they get up to just makes me smile.

Dinner Time

These two were foster fails. Not by me but by someone very close and dear to me who just couldn't let them go back to the RSPCA.

Hi - Five

This lovely bunch did change my life and how I look at details now. These were the first lot of fosters that I really took to painting of and with. their paw prints are still in my canvas.

A Basket Full of Furbabies

The same Hi- Five but this was when I bought them home for the first time. I guess I could also mention that these all were drawn on a iPad Pro using Procreate for iPad and iPencil.